I’m Lisa.
I represent one of the office staff supporting Snowy 2.0.

Let me introduce you to some of the local businesses that are supplying or working on the project.

Huge benefits for everyone in the region

Here’s a walk through the region to meet some of the people already contributing to make Snowy 2.0 happen.

Snowy 2.0 will create up to


jobs with thousands more supporting the project through the supply chain and support services.

This is James from Allspec and partners

Increased work from Snowy 2.0 has helped the business employ 3 new staff members.

These are some more local snowy mountains businesses

Work has become a lot busier since the start of Snowy 2.0!

This is Roger from R&L Withers Earthmoving.

The Withers Earthmoving workforce has tripled since Snowy 2.0.

This is Debbie and Mick for Monaro Milk and Juice

A local fixture, now catering for the increasing number of Snowy 2.0 workers.

There are many more examples of local businesses working on or supplying the project, including:


nights in local accomodation and meals eaten in towns.


hours of traffic management services.


star pickets to line exclusion zones.


tonnes of quarried products for new roads and haulage sites.


hours of surveying services to mark out Exploratory Works project area.


hours of geotechnical investigation drilling.


hours of earthmoving and bridge works.

With work on the project already well underway, come and check out some of the progress.

Let's go